Sunday 11 April 2010

Glorious 1911 - the book

The forthcoming book, GLORIOUS 1911 by bantamspast curator and former City Gent editor, David Pendleton, is a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the FA Cup winning season in 1910/11.

The book is being released next October in advance of an exhibition at the Industrial Museum from January, 2011 but it is possible to subscribe for a copy in advance. Subscribers are able to get a discount on the cover price as well as purchase one of the limited edition FA Cup centenary badges. Further details are included on the form.

Hard copies of the subscriber application form will be distributed at Valley Parade on Saturday, April 17th at the bantamspast museum following the aforementioned presentation (see below). Completed forms can also be handed in or sent to the address given on the form itself. Copies of the application form can be downloaded here.

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Unknown said...

Look forward to this, Citys 'Golden Age". We were brought up on stories of the 1911 team